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Free online games - One player games -   Jelly Madness 2

Jelly Madness 2

jelly_madness_2 desktop 728455

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Jelly Madness 2


Game Description

Prepare yourself for Jelly Madness! Play and enjoy!
One of the most beautiful and easy free games in the genre of items match is definitely Jelly Madness. At the center of attention are cute small jellies that are colored in all sorts of fun colors. Looking at them, the heart fills with joy that only a good joke or a gulp of refreshing soda in the hot day can bring.

Up to date, Jelly Madness online free game is one of the best of its kind based on following conclusions and facts:

1. The mood of the game is founded on the ease and simplicity of the process. Unlike almost every other matching game, this is destined to give pleasant relaxation to players, not to tense them. To do that, the creators made levels as easy as possible and even complex tasks that a player has to reach during each of them are not hard to achieve. There are enough moves given. And there are boosters-helpers on the right that can be used any time. So, the ease is a huge plus. It dramatically differentiates this online game from, let’s say, Gardenscapes, which is nearly impossible to play after level 20 (lesser than 1% of the total number of its levels).

2. It has a very balanced amount of animation. Unlike the stupid trends of latest years, the golden rule ‘the lesser animation the better’ hasn’t been cancelled by anybody yet. People love animation only when it comes to watching the animated movie. In the case of the latest games, both online and offline, lots of creators somehow are convinced that the animation and SFX must substitute the essence. No, it doesn’t work that way. It only makes players angry so much that they deinstall (if you are not a Japanese player, for whom SFX are everything). And the online free game Jelly Madness has completely enough amount of animation and special effects: just right to make it fun, completely bringing the essence on the fore.

3. Each level takes only several minutes of your time and can be replayed for the unlimited number of times. In addition, you can choose to replay each of them and the game will not push you out of the level to the map page to enter the next level each time you finish. This is another player-friendly advantage that significantly saves time and makes fun uninterruptible.

As you can see, it is a very advantageous online game and we wish you luck playing it!


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x455 px

Category: One player   Match 3   Puzzle  

Language: English

Played Total: 4668

Votes: 49

Game Title: Jelly Madness 2

Game Rating: (67%)

Screenshot #1

Play Jelly Madness 2 online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Jelly Madness 2 online - Screenshot 2



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