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kuli desktop 728360

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Game Description

It is enough to leave a town for a while, and you will never return to the familiar world you left. This is not just one more apocalypse scenario. This is not another zombie shooter. KULI is the strategic game. It will help you to prepare to some of the most dangerous challenges you may face someday.

What does KULI mean?
KULI is the abreviation, which stands for the “Kill Until the Last Infected.” This is the motto of the game and your main task. You will meet other characters during the game. All of them can be divided into two groups: survivors and zombies.
Survivors are the victims, which are often stuck in complicated conditions and need help. Zombies are infected ex-humans, who hunt for other humans. Although you are a newbie on the battlefield, your task is to protect the weak and to deal with the infected.

The mission
KULI is a strategy. As every strategy, it has a well-built plot and a range of various tasks to complete. At the beginning of every level, your character is assigned a task or several tasks. He has to reach the set goal and safely proceed to the other level.

Level 1
The game starts wirt a cry for help. According to the story, the protagonist (your character) went to the mountains for two weeks. He heped with the construction of a log cabin. However, this task soon got annoying, especially compared to the fancy bed at home. The man heard scream and considered it to be robbers.
This is how the story begins. After the short introduction, you have to find a survivor. For this:
Follow the green arrow on the screen.
Click on the ground to move.
Hold shift to stop and position yourself to shooting position.
Kill 10 zombies.

Level 2
After you manage to deal with 10 infected, get ready to the makeshift defense. Zombies are roaming everywhere. The only way to find a safe place is to build one. Thus, your next task is to build walls and towers. For this:
Press shift and hold the key.
Pick the construction type.
Click on the ground to build the chosen construction.
Remember to build at daytime only.

Further levels
Proceed with the mission to unlock the access to new levels and tasks. The directions will appear on the screen. The map in the main menu allows choosing next levels or discover other tabs, in particular, with skills and achievements. After gathering three achievements, you can change the gaming mode to survival.

With every completed mission you get bonuses - skulls. They work like local currency. Purchase skills for skulls to upgrade your character.Here are some examples of skills:
Vitality - increased life.
Adrenaline Rush - increased running speed.
Eagle Eye - chance for critical hit.
Regeneration - life slowly regenerates itself.
Dual Wield - duel wielding pistol to double the damage.
Weapon Knowledge - minor increase in power of all weapons.
Shotgun Specialist - major increase in shotgun damage.
Scavenger - increased resource in every resource dropped by enemies.
Mechanic - decreased cost of weapon upgrades.
Ammo Maker - decreased amunition cost.
Weapon Construction - decreased cost in unlocking weapon.
DIY Shotgun - shotgun automatically unlocked.
Guard Duty - increased survivor’s range of attack when they are on a tower.
The post-apocaliptyc world of KULI combines the elements of action shooter and strategic planning. Find a way to survive and maybe even to invent the cure. Help other survivors. Avoid close encounters with the infected. Buid and upgrade your hiding. Fight severely untill the last infected.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x360 px

Category: Action   Arcade   Army   Zombie   One player   Killing   Shooting   Building   Defense   Upgrade   Other   Fighting   War   Adventure   Scary   Survival  

Language: English

Played Total: 19972

Votes: 464

Game Title: KULI

Game Rating: (71%)

Screenshot #1

Play KULI online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play KULI online - Screenshot 2



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