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Free online games - One player games -   Monster Mahjong

Monster Mahjong

monster_mahjong desktop 640480

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Monster Mahjong


Game Description

Are monsters applicable in mahjong game? Let’s find out right now
If you are a lover of mahjong game, this one cute game shall also be to your liking. Instead of Oriental motifs that people got used to seeing in regular mahjong (rising sun, flower, people, hieroglyphs and so on), here are monsters and nothing but them.

Those monsters may look like these:
• one-eyed red worm or another, similar to it, one-tailed and two-headed worm with one eye located on each of its heads, of lilac color
• a three-eyes lilac disturbed creature
• a blue egg
• a red-white frog with snail-alike eyes
• an orange spiked fish with a white belly
• some non-understood creature with one big eye inside of the orange head that is growing from a very thin leg
• aquamarine-colored little dino with three eyes, one normally located on the head, and the other two – above it
• a blue blob with Shrek-like ears, looking like the very fat worm (or a flying green jelly ghost from ‘Ghostbusters’, only this one is of azure tint).

It is possible to list the even bigger amount of present monsters but we are sure you will have all chances to see them all yourself when playing.

To make this free online game close to reality, the developers have included the element of mismatch – when the left open tiles with monsters cannot be matched. It this case, the game tells there are no moves left and shuffles the tiles automatically.

At the top right corner, there is the time counter, which tends to reduce. The level restarts when it reaches zero. To avoid that, be the quick player and use the available time boosters, which randomly appear on the screen.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 640x480 px

Category: One player   Mahjong   Puzzle  

Language: English

Played Total: 2956

Votes: 19

Game Title: Monster Mahjong

Game Rating: (68%)

Screenshot #1

Play Monster Mahjong online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Monster Mahjong online - Screenshot 2



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