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Free online games - One player games -   Speedy Boats

Speedy Boats

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Speedy Boats


Game Description

Play Speedy Boats on our site and have the longest fun with several levels of hardness!
This is not yet another track runner with obstacles. It’s much more than that. This online free game has three levels of hardness – and believe us, playing the hard mode is insanely thrilling!
But let’s start at the beginning.
- at the easy level, you are given a single boat, which task is to avoid all possible obstacles on its way while it’s going the never-ending distance. As it has no end, it is easy to presume that the only goal is to make as big score as possible. Each point is given to a player when he or she omits one of the other boats that are parked on the right or left sides of the track. The longer you endure – the bigger fine fellow you are. It is easy to control your water vehicle – you only move to the right or left and that’s it
- at the moderate level (#2), a player is given two boats at once – and the screen is divided into two parts. So, you do pretty much the same only ruling now two boats at once – making two-fold slides on your screen as in the easy mode
- the hard mode is insane – you have to rule three (!) boats at once on three separated tracks –making the three-fold bigger amount of slides than in the regular mode! That is so hellishly hard to watch simultaneously at three moving objects, controlling each so it is unthinkable to even endure one minute!
What is exciting too and gives more fun to the gaming process – is that when at least one boat bumps into some obstacle, no matter how many those you play – everything ends for the rest of them. So you restart the level on the preliminarily chosen level of hardness (easy/medium/hard) or can change it in the main menu.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 640x1136 px

Category: One player   Action   Other   Simulation   Boat Racing  

Language: English

Played Total: 8034

Votes: 106

Game Title: Speedy Boats

Game Rating: (73%)

Screenshot #1

Play Speedy Boats online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Speedy Boats online - Screenshot 2



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