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Free online games - One player games -   The Fishercat Online

The Fishercat Online

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The Fishercat Online


Game Description

Learn more about The Fishercat Online game
This is one of the most tranquil free online games that we’ve ever encountered. Well, almost every fishing game is such.

The feature of this game is that eventually, the round ends no matter what you do. So a player has to be as efficient within a level as possible. Things to do in the game are as follows:
1) There is a cat with a reserve of oxygen that is indicated as 100% at the beginning of a round, and that cat goes down the water under its surface that is filled with splendid fishes that are languidly soaring in the stratum of water. From now on, the level of oxygen drops step by step, no matter what.
2) When the cat gets to the bottom, he has a harpoon to launch to snatch some of those fishes. The more he catches, the bigger the score will be.
3) To be helped in this, there are three possible boosters – but you also have to catch them with a harpoon as they slowly falling in the thickness of the water. The first one is a lure for fishes to crowd them in one place (to make it easier to harpoon). The second one is a net to catch a lot of fish with a fast shot with a sling. And the third is a bomb that immobilizes fish in the still position for a while.
4) You also collect gold coins, for which you can buy upgrades in the in-game store to improve your gameplay. You can upgrade an existing harpoon for a little cost (at first) or buy 5 more types of powerful weaponry that will be faster and will be able to catch more fish in one go.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x455 px

Category: One player   Arcade   Animal   Upgrade  

Language: English

Played Total: 35582

Votes: 2579

Game Title: The Fishercat Online

Game Rating: (67%)

Screenshot #1

Play The Fishercat Online online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play The Fishercat Online online - Screenshot 2



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