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Free online games -   Golf games

Golf Games

Mini Golf Adventure

Mini Golf Adventure

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

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Presidential Golf




What are Golf games?
Golf is one of the most played games during business meetings. Rich people of entire world love it for a possibility to have a lots of free time during playing, absence of necessity to make physical work (only work with your hands from time to time, maybe once in 30 minutes or so) and many rules and guidelines how to play to make it complicated as possible to make it ‘fun’ if this world is applicable to golf. The biggest rule is to use as less number of hits to put the ball in a hole as possible. Millions of acres across the world are taken by golf fields, which many people consider a waste of lands.
Billions of dollars are spent each year by people of all ranges to play it and learn how to play it. There are very famous golf players (Tiger Woods is the best-known dude) who earn tens of millions of dollars just for playing it. While it isn’t so simple to begin – the costliest golf bat may deduct several dozens of thousands of dollars from your pocket. It is complicated to play it every day, especially taking into account that entering into this world costs tens of thousands of dollars (if you want to be in a circle of privileged people) – and this may only be purchasing of equipment, without a cost of buying a pass to the golf club.
So no wonder that many regular people demonstrate a vivid interest in how to play. They want to learn it – and this decision is not only expressed in the virtual world (like it is, for instance, in ‘Wonderputt’) – but also in the real one. Many centers were opened to make poor people learn to play golf, starting from the basics (like holding a bat right). In free online games, however, this ability will not save you – all you have to have is eye precision and know how to move your mouse right within the rules of your current online game to win.

Features of free online Golf games
- there are two basic types of golf – a big one (called regular) and a small one (called small) – which have slightly different rules. However, in both of them, a player has to put a ball into a hole
- the fewer hits you take to complete the goal the better player you are
- sometimes it is not only about physics of a ball or your bat
 anything can be instead of the ball (like a bird or other stuff) and there may not be even a bat depicted – its role is played by your mouse clicking.